Hideyuki(JE1BQE)'s Overseas Best Friends, Thiem Family

My first overseas trip was to West Germany in 1976. This time, US1$ was equal to JPYEN 310 (4 times more expensive than now), so I thanked my parents who gave me this special present (my first overseas trip), when I was 20 years old. I visited in Aschaffenburg, where my uncle's family lived, and I had received German Amateur Radio Licence (JE1BQE/DL) there. I happened to meet some Amateur Radio Friends from Seligenstadt, DK9FN Sigi, DF2FQ Holger and DF5FJ Bernhard. They have been my best friends since 1976. Especially, Bernhard has named their THREE children my name "Hideyuki", my father's name "Toshio" and my brother's name "Naoyuki".

At Bernhard Thiem Family, everybody has an amateur radio licence. The Right Photo shows (from left to right) : Bernhard (DF5FJ), Andreas (DO1XAT), Charlotte, Christoph (DO5CT), Elke (DL1ZBT), Daniel (DO7DT) and Ida.

Persons of Thiem Family love Japan, They have a beautiful Japanese garden at their house. The living room is wide and very comfortable.

Bernhard is good at designing micro controller circuits. He used to work at the famous big company in Germany. We can buy a very nice "Thiem - Work Kit" from his Website. And he is helping my job in Germany.

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